Why most people now choose lightweight insulation partition boards

2019-12-15 08:48:22 cndeyi 155

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The ten advantages of lightweight thermal insulation partition board are as follows:

(1) Environmental protection

       The raw materials used do not contain harmful substances to the human body, and there is no radioactive Class A product, which complies with the national G / T169-2005 standard.

(2) Fire prevention

       The fire resistance is more than 4 hours at a high temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius, and it does not emit toxic gases, and the non-combustibility reaches the standard.

(3) Waterproof and waterproof

       The experiment proves that the light wall panel can be cemented into a pool filled with water without any waterproof finish, and the back of the light wall panel can be kept dry without leaving traces and will not be affected in wet weather. Condensation drops appear. The panel of the lightweight partition board is a professional waterproof board, which has good water resistance and moisture resistance, and can be used in wet areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, and basements.

(4) Thermal insulation

       The manufacturing process of lightweight partition boards determines a good thermal insulation function and makes your indoor environment more comfortable.

(5) Sound insulation

       It has good sound insulation effect, and its sound insulation effect meets the national house's sound insulation requirements, which is much higher than that of other brickwork.

(6) Increase the area of the house

       Light partition boards are divided into internal walls and external walls, and the internal partition boards can fully expand the space of the house.

Project Features of Fire Proofing and Thermal Insulation Board Production Line:

1. The production materials are simple and there are no geographical limitations. It mainly uses cement, fly ash, various thermal insulation materials, chopped fiber or glass fiber cloth, etc., and is processed and formed by this equipment at one time. The production process is simple, the cost is low, the investment is small, and the effect is quick.

2. The equipment has a high degree of automation, simple operation (operating workers can go to work after simple training), low labor intensity, assembly line operation, no noise, pollution and no waste discharge during the production process.

3. Low energy consumption during production, no need for high temperature, high pressure, next molding at room temperature, no special requirements for production site and other conditions.

4. According to the different requirements of different customers, we can produce various insulation boards with different specifications (length, width, thickness) and different materials to meet the needs of different consumers.