Decoration Tips-How to Choose Sheets

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How do you choose boards in your daily life?

Let's see how we choose the glass magnesium board equipment.

1.Methods for purchasing plate

(1) Look for obvious flaws on the surface of the board

The surface of the decorative board should be smooth, free of burrs and cutting blades, and free of glue penetration and board pollution. Try to choose the entire board without cracks, cracks, knots, skins, resin sacs, and gum channels. The degree of natural warpage should be as small as possible to avoid the phenomenon of sand penetration revealed by the substrate due to improper sanding process operation.

(2) Identify the difference between thin wood veneer and natural wood veneer

The texture of the former plate is basically straight texture, and the texture pattern is regular; the latter plate is a natural wood pattern, and the texture pattern has large natural variability and irregularity.

(3) Appearance inspection of boards

The appearance of decorative boards should have good aesthetics, the material should be fine and uniform, the color and luster should be clear, and the wood texture should be beautiful.

(4) The structure of the sheet glue layer is stable, and there is no open glue phenomenon

  Attention should be paid to the phenomenon of bulging and delamination between the veneer on the surface of the board and the substrate, and between the layers inside the substrate.

(5) Select a board with low formaldehyde emission

  Do not choose decorative plates that have an irritating taste. The greater the board odor, the higher the amount of formaldehyde release, the more severe the pollution, and the greater the harm.

2, the characteristics of the plate

(1) The plate is rolled out with flat rolls, so changing the product specifications is simple and easy, the adjustment operation is convenient, and it is easy to realize computer control and automatic production.

(2) The shape of the plate is simple, can be produced in coils, and it is used in a large amount in the national economy, so it can achieve high-speed continuous rolling production.

(3) Because the width-to-thickness ratio and surface area are very large, the rolling pressure during production is very high, which can reach millions to tens of millions of Newtons. Therefore, the rolling mill equipment is complex and large, and the width, thickness, dimensional accuracy, and shape of the product and Control of surface quality has also become very difficult and complicated.


To buy boards suitable for home decoration, healthy boards are good.