baby diaper machine

baby diaper machine

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Production Desciption:1. The machine can produce regular-type,economic type and high-grade type baby diapers2. Materials of stereo-protection are complex and molding on machine3. Waistband,frontal tap

Production Desciption:

1. The machine can produce regular-type,economic type and high-grade type baby diapers

2. Materials of stereo-protection are complex and molding on machine

3. Waistband,frontal tape, and side tape are cut automatically

4. Extension of rubber band can be regulated
5. The quantity of SAP and fluff pulp can be adjusted freely

6. Raw materials automatic unwinding system, automatic tension control system, automatic splicing units, automatic rejection units, automatic web guard system.

7. Frontal tape and side tape out-set from the main machine to make it convenient to change raw material

8.The machine is attached with fully automatic packing machine(stacker),make packing simpler and save labor force

9. Machine equipped with production door

10. Touchable Screen: Machine switch on/off, running speed, time, counting pieces, parameter setting, alarm, error display, error inquiry (functions setting appear on screen are different according to different machine types)

Product structure: upper & lower tissue, cotton core (mix with SAP), cover sheet hydrophilic non-woven, ADL(Acquisition distribution layer) non-woven, leak guard hydrophobic non-woven back sheet, Waistband non-woven, color pattern sticker, elastic waistband, discarding sticker.

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Baby diaper production line
Output products
S, M, L and XL
Control System
Full servo / Semi servo / Frequency motor / Economical
Operation Interface
Industry PLC, with humanistic designing and optional collection for production record
Design Speed
1000 PCS/min
Production Speed
800 PCS/min (medium)
Overall Size of Equipment
32×8×5 M(L×W×H)
Machine Power
Approx 260KW (380V, 50Hz)
Weight of Equipment
About 85T

Machine Structure:

1. Crusher system

2. Bottom tissue feeding, roll diameter φ800mm

3. Fluff forming system

4. SAP feeding system

5. Upper tissue, roll diameter φ800mm

6. Fluff core wrapped by upper and bottom tissue, also can be wrapped by one whole piece of tissue

7. Tissue folding unit

8. Fluff core flat compact roller 1 set, compact by a cylinder with a heating device

9. Fluff core rhombic embossing compaction device 1 set

10. ADL feeding, roll diameter φ800mm

11. ADL nonwoven cut shortly and transfer unit

12. Fluff core inner cut device 1 set, adopt frame type structure, increase the cutter life

13. Hydrophobic nonwoven supply, roll diameterφ800mm

14. Central cutting device

15. Leg guard lycra feeding

16. Hydrophobic non-woven folding, inside and outside folding edge, adhesion promoting compacting device

17. Hydrophilic nonwoven supply, roll diameterφ800mm

18. Elastic ear material supply

19. Side tape supply

20. Frontal ear material supply

21. Three pieces complex, two sides fixing unit, adhesion pressing

22. Backsheet film supply

23. leg cuffs lycra supply

24. Frontal tape supply

25. Surface layer, absorption core, backseat film pressing

26. One set product cutting unit

27. Pressing unit (Y shape roller 360)

28. Product vertical tri-fold

29.Pressing unit(Y shape roller 200)

30. Transmission unit

31.1 set final cut unit

32. The horizontal fold transmission unit

33.2 set Horizontal fold unit

34. Product transmission unit

35. Auto rejection exit (pneumatic)

36. Horizontal stacker transmission

37. Driving system

Machine Showing

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