Mask Nose Strip Making Machine

Mask Nose Strip Making Machine

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The line components1. Single screw extruder2. Did/mould3. Water cooling tank4. Hauloff machine5. Auto winder7. Mixer machine , Crusher machine are also optional from your real needs .NamePlastic nose

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The line components

1. Single screw extruder
2. Did/mould
3. Water cooling tank
4. Hauloff machine
5. Auto winder

7. Mixer machine , Crusher machine are also optional from your real needs .

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Welcome to DEYI groupWelcome to DEYI group

NamePlastic nose wire
Width(MM)3MM 5MM
UsageIt's suitable for all kinds of face masks.

Application: suitable for extrusion production of PVC / insulated wire wrapped plastic mask nose strip and sheath material

Main technical parameters and configuration

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Use wire reel: Φ400mm~Φ630mm, through shaft type

Tension: automatic adjustment of eccentric structure tension, automatic stop contact output of disconnection

integral platform

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Passing wheel: 5 wheels and 3 grooves, Φ60mm with hard chrome plating on the surface, which can be adjusted up and down as required

Appearance: steel plate assembly and welding

Type: automatic induction heating.

Maximum temperature 400 degrees

Overall power: 4kw

50 extruder

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Frame: assembly and welding of the A3 steel plate and channel steel

After high-frequency quenching treatment and precision grinding, the noise index is less than 75db, and the gear is forced to be lubricated with oil

Electric heating: screw heating section 3, cast aluminum heater, voltage AC380V1.6KW/ section, Japanese RKC brand PID intelligent temperature control meter plus contactor control

Cooling: three 180W high-pressure centrifugal fans cooperate with temperature controller for automatic cooling

Main engine drive: AC380V15HP Dongguan motor is equipped with AC380V15HP sine frequency converter control

Head: 1 head (with 1 set of mold), with injection hole, head made of 40Cr, high frequency tempering, hard chromium plating on the surface

Head clamp:

Type: locking clamp, external cast aluminum heating plat

Locking direction: counterclockwise

25kg hopper dryer and automatic suction machine

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