Calcium Silicate Board Production Line

Calcium Silicate Board Production Line

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Copy system board host

Product specification

  1. L×W×T:2440 ×1220×6mm~20mm

  2. Product with special specification can also be produced as per requirement of the


Quality Standard

For main technical performance index please see the following table:



Calcium Silicate Board





Flexural Strength




Heat Conductivity




Impact Strength




Withdrawal Force

Of Screw




Drying Shrinkage


Fit Grade Anon-inflammable

materialinGB862(China National)




Theoretical Capacity:10000 /day

Pre-curing Time :8h

Daily Productive Time:22h

Quantity of Autoclave:2

Specification of Autoclave :Φ2X26m

Running Time of Autoclave : 24hours

Uninterrupted Curing

Auto claving Period

16 hours in average(This period was made according to appraisement of similar plant,

The specific period will be ensured through test in laboratory after raw materials

confirmed. )

Reserve of main raw material:

Dosage of fiber material should last 7 days.Dosage of powdery material such as cement,quartz powder should last for 3 days.

More detail should be further discussed.

Basic requirement for quality of raw material

Quartz sand:SiO2 ≥95% Fineness:residueon200poresieve 10%

Cement:ordinary Portland cement with gradeofabove42.5.

slaked lime powder :

CaO+MgO ≥75%

MgO ≤5%

fineness0.088mm  weight of screen residue<15%

Pulp:without sulfate need leave wood pulp or kraft pulp,pulping degree is 20 70°SR.

The above mentioned contents are basic requirements for raw material. In some circumstances,qualified calcium silicate board canal so be produced even with
different raw material,while the raw material should be analyzed particularly so as to

Confirm its adaptability.



Performance Testing

Test-run and Trial Production

Training of Buyer ’s Personnel on the Site

Training of Managers of Buyer

Training of Operator

raining of Laboratory Personnel

Basic Production Formula


The buyer shall provide all necessary facility for engineers of Industry Design&Research Institute Co.,Ltd,such As office with air condition,internet,fax machine,telephone,

Inter phone,and sanitary fixture.

The buyer should provide accommodation for engineers of Industry Design&Research Institute Co.,Ltd for free.Working cost with amount of 90USD per day should be paid to the engineers by the Buyer. In addition,traveling cost of the engineers from Henan Fangruite Building Material Industry Design&Research Institute Co.,Ltd to the Buyer’s Plant should be undertaken by the Buyer. About 3-6 engineers will be dispatched to the site each time.

The engineers work for 6 days every week, and 8 hours each day.

If there ’s over time work, include working in the weekend or public

holiday, service fee should be added to 120USD per day (in year2020).

Buyer’s Preparation

Electric Power Supply System

Include:high voltage power supply, transformer

 Emergency Generator

With capacity of about 250KVA (or get it prepared as per local condition)

Power Cable and Installation

Include:power cable and its installation from in low voltage distribution board to each working section.

Drainage System

Include pipe line, equipment and its installation of water supply and drainage

System outside of the plant area.

Routine Consumption

Such as hydraulic oil, grease, wood pallet (for final product)

Spare Parts (Optional)

Against spare parts necessary for goods supplying in the first time.

We suggest to build aware house for one year ’s spare parts in avoid of close down due to lack of spare parts.