3D Panel Machine

EPS Wire Mesh Panel Machine is a specialized device used to produce EPS 3D panels. high efficiency, low power consumption, and highly automatic mechatronics product

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Composite board machine

EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) cement composite board machine is a piece of equipment used to produce lightweight, prefabricated wall panels. These panels are made of cement and foam material

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MGO Board Machine

mgo board machine,magnesium oxide board machine factory longkou deyi group machinery company from China

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Gypsum Board Machine

Gypsum Board Machine, also known as a Gypsum Board Manufacturing Plant or Gypsum Board Production Line, is a specialized machine used to produce gypsum boards, which are designed to manufacture gypsum boards, also known as drywall or plasterboard, which are essential building materials.

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Gypsum Block Machine

Gypsum blocks production line consists of batch system, blending machine, forming machine, central hydraulic section, holding unit, machinery clamp and PLC controller .It adopts international advanced technology of hydraulic top rising of vertical mold forming and PLC controller

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Calcium Silicate Board Machine

Calcium silicate board machine, manufactured by Longkou deyi group, is used to manufacture calcium silicate boards, which are a type of building and industrial board with excellent performance.

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