egg tray production line

egg tray production line

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egg tray machine is a type of equipment designed to produce egg trays from paper pulp. These trays are commonly used in the packaging and transportation of eggs.

Fully Automatic Recycling Paper Egg Trays Machine/EggTray Making Machine Product Line

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Welcome to DEYI group

Egg tray machines are an eco-friendly solution for utilizing waste paper and converting it into a useful and recyclable product. These machines are commonly used by egg producers and packaging companies to meet the demand for sustainable packaging solutions.

An egg tray machine is a type of equipment designed to produce egg trays from paper pulp. These trays are commonly used in the packaging and transportation of eggs. The process typically involves recycling waste paper into a pulp, which is then molded into the shape of egg trays and dried to produce the final product. Here is a basic overview of the typical steps involved in the egg tray manufacturing process:

Pulping: Waste paper, such as old newspapers or cardboard, is first broken down into pulp. This is often done by soaking the paper in water and mechanically breaking it down into fibers.

Molding: The pulp is then formed into the shape of egg trays using molds. The molds can be customized to produce trays of various sizes and configurations.

Drying: The molded trays are dried to remove excess moisture. This can be done through various methods, including natural drying or using industrial drying equipment.

Trimming and Packaging: Once the trays are dry, they may go through a trimming process to remove any excess material. The final step involves packaging the trays for distribution.

Pulping System
Hydraulic, Pulp Pump, Pulp Screen Machine, Pulp Breaking Machine, Stirrer and so on. which uses waste paper, cardboard, leftover material of paper mill, by hydraulic pulper, mix making a certain dense pulp.

Pulp Forming Machine

Rotary Type Molding Machine, Vacuum Pump, Air Compressor, Vacuum Tank, Water Pump and so on. The wet forming section consists of a series of wire screen covered wet forming dies mounted on a molding drum, and a matching set of transfer dies mounted on a transfer mechanism.

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Auto feeding and auto give water.
Material:carbon steel Power :45kw
Capacity :5m³

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Moulding Machine

The parts connected with pulp are all 304# stainless steel
Power:15.5kw With automatic oil feeding system and automatic cleaning mould

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Self-priming pump


Usage: removal the water of vacuum tank

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Drying systerm

Use geating fuels, such as diedel oil, coal, LPGS, GAS, etc to dry the formeg wet blanks.


1. Our egg tray forming machine slurry tank connection pipe fittings, Octagonal bodies all are made of 304 stainless steel material, corrosion resistance long service life, mold tray cast by high-quality aluminum alloy

2.The control system is controlled by Taiwan Delta PLC touch screen, the octahedral rotation angle is controlled by high-precision encoder and Taiwan division, the angle is accurate, the error is small, and the motor reducer is equipped with domestic well-known brands

3.Dryer mesh belt drive using roller chain so it can run stable and mesh belt without force, rolling operation friction is small, prolong the use of time, Driving using an independent motor

4.Egg tray can be automatically stacked, saving labor

5.The dryer has reasonable design, compact structure and high heat utilization rate, which can help reduce the production cost.